Our curries are frozen soon after cooking. Every week we produce a small selection of freshly cooked curries which can be purchased chilled. We deliver FREE of charge to Faversham and the surrounding villages for a minimum order value. Please check out our DELIVERIES & COLLECTIONS menu option for more details.


Curries FRESHLY COOKED THIS WEEK are highlighted in LAVENDAR. Please leave a note in the message box if you would like us to defrost FROZEN DISHES before delivery\collection.

Items that are NEW are highlighted in GREEN.

ONE-OFF dishes will be highlighted in light ORANGE/PEACH.

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Pappadum (5)

5 deep fried pappadums to accompany your meal


Pakoras (5)

Freshly cooked & frozen mixed vegetables in a delicious bhajji batter


Small Vegetable Samosa (3 per serving)

Cocktail samosa with a lightly spiced vegetable filling


Onion Raita

Slices of onion in lightly spiced yoghurt. A delicious accompaniment to any meal


Basmati Rice

Plain boiled basmatui rice


Thai Fragrant Rice

Plain boiled Thai Jasmine rice


Pillau Rice

Freshly cooked pillau rice with cinnamon, cumin and fresh coriander.


Coconut Rice

A favourite in Anglo Indian homes throughout India, the rice is cooked with turmeric and coconut milk.


Muttar Pillau

Basmati rice flavoured with spices and peas.


Chapatti (3 per serving)

Indian flat bread (no yeast)


Plain Naan Bread

Indian flat bread (with yeast)



Chicken Korma

This dish is quite mild with flavours of green chilli, green coriander, poppy and fennel seeds sweetened with fresh lime and coconut


Chicken Dopiaza

Chicken cooked with chillies and black pepper and sweetened with onions, to give this dish its characteristic flavour.


Saffron Chicken

The delicate flavour of saffron with rose water and spices in a yoghurt based creamy sauce.


Classic Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is the ultimate comfort food for most Indians. This classic recipe uses cumin, coriander and the fragrant spices of cardamom, clove and cinnamon.


Chicken Tikka

Britain's favourite Indian dish, bursting with the gorgeous flavours of roasted spices, yoghurt, black pepper and fresh lemon juice.


Chicken Jalfrezi

Sliced peppers and green chillies give this dish its distinctive flavour.


Madras Chicken

Traditional South Indian spices of curry leaves, fennel and fenugreek give this dish it's unique flavour.


Fiery Chicken

Hot & Spicy, this dish is prepared using hot scotch bonnet and naga chillies and is sweetened with the classic flavours of tomato and vinegar.


Green Chicken Curry

Bursting with the flavours of lemon grass, herbs and lime leaves


Beef Jalfrezi

A customer favourite! Beef marinated with chilli and garam masala and combined with sauteed onion and peppers.


Lamb Curry

A wonderfully fragrant dish with succulent pieces of lamb.



With freshly roasted spices and slow cooking this mutton dish is spicy and unctuous.


Goan Pork Curry

Pork is a favourite meat in Goa and this is a deliciously spicy curry.


Fisherman's Curry

Haddock cooked with coconut, chillies & tamarind - recipe from the fishermen off the South Indian coast.



Tarka Dhall

Delicious red lentils cooked to perfection and tempered with curry leaves and mustard


Tarka Dhall & Spinach

Soft and delicious red lentils flavoured with spinach and spices


Channa Masala

Chickpeas cooked with garam masala and spices and finished with fresh mango and coriander


Mushroom & Spinach

Creamy mushrooms & spinach spiced with chilli and a hint of nutmeg.


Paneer with Mushrooms & Peppers

WE WON A GREAT TASTE AWARD FOR THIS DISH! A delicious combination of Indian cheese with roasted peppers and mushrooms flavoured with spices and black salt.


Courgette Mussalman

Courgette cooked with ginger, tomato and spices.


Bombay Aloo

Spiced potatoes seasoned with mustard and curry leaves


Aloo Saag

Potatoes cooked with spinach and spices in this classic North indian dish.


Spicy Vegetable Curry

Mixed vegetables cooked with tomatoes, chillies, spices and herbs



This section is a small list of one-off specil dishes, which will be removed when sold out.


Tom Yam Chicken Soup

Delicious & Healthy


Pickles, Chutneys, Preserves & Jellies


Aubergine Pickle

Brinjal Pickle, as we would call it. A favourite with Indians! I just love this pickle on its own in a sandwich. It is lovely with cheese.


Hot Mango Pickle

Another Indian favourite... chunky pieces of mango with spices.




A pungent Mustard flavoured with garlic and chilli, often freshly made in Anglo Indian homes to go with roasts. Try it with any roasted meat, steak or with cold meats.



The lovely heat from horseradish compliments the mustard to award us with a delicious punch of flavour that works so well with meats.



Angels & Devils

Sweet Peppers with Hot Chilli... LOVELY with seafood or with Cheese.


Damson with Tamarind & Juniper berries

Damsons cooked with the sweet/sourness of tamarind and the warmth of ginger, juniper and all spice. Excellent with meats or with cheese.


Fig & Date Chutney

Made with fresh figs, this one has notes of my Mum's creations. Serve as an accompaniment with any cheese or cold meat platter or in sandwiches.


Green Tomato Chutney

When green tomatoes are cooked with a little spice and vinegar, they take on a life of their own. Do try this one in sandwiches or with cold meats.


Raspberry Rave

A unique chutney with sweet raspberries and fiery scotch bonnets ... good with brie, goose, duck and steaks. Very popular.


Rhubarb & Ginger Chutney

For rhubarb lovers! Good with meat and fish and makes a Ploughman's lunch quite special.


South Indian Tomato Chutney

NO ADDED SUGAR. Serve with any Indian meal. Delicious with steaks, roasts or sausages or as a dip with tortilla chips.


Sweet Mango Chutney

Mango chutney as we make it in India. JUST EAT IT FROM THE JAR! Great with Stilton or cold meats in a sandwich.


Jellies & Preserves

Victorian Apple Jelly

Just apples in all their glory! This is truly delicious and will work with just about anything. I am delighted with the result and colour of this jelly.


Apple & Rhubarb Jelly

This is so nice that I did not sell the first batch I made! Excellent with meats or with cheese. Add to sauces, stews and casseroles.


Damson Jelly

Damson is one of the most wonderful of fruits for jellies, chutneys and cheese ... enjoy this one while it lasts any way you fancy!


Fiery Crab Apple Jelly

A delicious fruit jelly with hints of chilli and cloves ... fabulous as a sauce for pork and other meats or add to stews and casseroles


Grape & Chilli Jelly

The grapes are from my garden! Intense grape flavours make this jelly good for basting meats when roasting or serve on its own with meats or cheese.


Medlar Jelly

A delicious jelly made from a very ancient and strange fruit. Serve with cold meats or cheese and biscuits.


Quince Jelly with Mint and Chilli

A speciality in Spain ... enjoy with cheese, add to puddings, sauces or serve with roasts.


Quince Jelly

On it's own... WONDERFUL ... enjoy with cheese, add to puddings, sauces or serve with roasts.


Rhubarb, Ginger & Mint Preserve

Lovely on toast or can be used to add a twist to your fruit tarts, crumbles and cakes.


Damson Jam

I have been making the jelly for a while and thought I'd make a fruity jam because I know I will eat it!


Fig Jam

Might be just the once! Had a small portion of fresh figs so turned them into a delicious jam.


Plum Jam

Truly delicious with Victoria plums from my garden and a hint of ginger



The sauces have been sold on the market for a while at the request of customers.

Classic (Primodial) Curry Sauce

The original curry sauce - when bubbling away in the pan the sauces look distinctly celestial! This sauce can be used for meats, eggs, fish, and vegetables like chickpeas etc. Add coconut or creme fraiche for extra creaminess. All gluten free.


Fiery Curry Sauce

With spices, scotch bonnets and lots of tomatoes to calm down the heat, this sauce is a personal favourite. Just add some creme fraiche if you find it hot.


Pasta Sauce

Lots of tomato with some warmth from ginger and cinnamon make this home-made sauce very delicious. Just pour it over meats or vegetables and pasta. Add parmesan shavings.


Spicy Pasta Sauce

All the flavour of the above pasta sauce with some extra hot chillies.


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