Our Cookery School

I LOVE doing the cookery classes. Every group of people is different but it is always a pleasure to meet and relax with people who love food and cooking.

My long-term dream has been to provide these classes teaching people a little bit more about the culture of my homeland, the use of spices and the ability to cook a tasty Indian meal without using sauces.

People regularly talk to me at markets and events about various ingredients that they have bought for a recipe and have not used again. I am usually able to advise them of simple ways in which they can use the spice again. But to be honest with you I too am always learning about spices and their value and am constantly trying out something new.

Our Aim…

Through the classes I aim to provide

a culinary & social experience
a way to learn about Indian spices
to demystify Indian Cooking
time-tested no fail recipes
individual attention and explanations

New for 2021 - Zoom Classes

Since 2008 we have provided a variety of classes. We have now decided to run classes through Zoom in 2021. Starting from April 2021 we will run a course of 6 classes on consecutive Sundays covering a range of dishes which should give the participants a very good rounded experience of Indian cooking. Our classes will cover from simple potato cakes to classic curry dishes. These are the basics on which we can all build. I hope you will join me in the explosion of flavours that we find so addictive.

With the magic of technology, classes will run in our own individual kitchens but we plan to work together as a team and have informative and fun sessions.

When…Our first set of classes starts on Sunday, 25th April and runs every Sundays for 6 weeks until Sunday 30th May 2021

How ... There will be two Zoom links sent to you every week for the class. We will also send you a list of ingredients required for the week, with a list of jobs that can be prepared in advance. 



We start at 11.30 am. Please start logging in from 11.20, ready to start the class at 11.30, with all ingredients, pens and paper to hand. We will cook together until 12 noon. Then break with any instructions necessary, but really to give the dishes time to finish cooking while we get ourselves a coffee or a glass of wine. Our second session for the day will start at 12.30 when we can show off our cooked dishes, comment and have a Q&A session, finishing at 1 pm

Bookings & Cost…
We are in the process of updating this section so for now please email Corinne for more details at corinnegoodman@hotmail.co.uk.
1. A booking form will be available online shortly. There is a limit to numbers so once you fill in the form and we accept, we will send you payment details.
2. The cost per person is £60 for the 6 Zoom classes, payable in advance, with an optional spice pack available at £7.50. The spice pack will contain packs of spices for each week and for each dish, to save you having to buy spices that you might not use often. The spice pack can be picked up from us on one of our market days or we can post it to you once you have made a booking.


Terms & Conditions

The cost of the 6 weeks course is £60 plus an option £7.50 for the spice pack, which will be payable in advance.
There will be no refund on cancellations or ‘no shows’ to the classes.
The value of GIFT VOUCHERS is non-refundable.

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