2024 classes from April to October

Our classes are not about single recipes. They are designed to give the participants a very good grounding in Indian cooking. We discuss spices and give you the confidence to use spices without fear. Method is important and we work with best practice when cooking Indian food.

Week 1 : Mangalorean chicken sukka and curry leaf flatbreads + A simple raita - Mangalore on the West Coast of India has a very special mix of flavours. We have taken one of their speciality dishes and will make the curry paste to go with it and a special but simple flat bread. Raitas are eaten with every meal.

Week 2 : Paneer Makhani & Aloo Muttar - These are two classic vegetarian recipes, essential for your Indian food repertoire

Week 3 : Chilli Prawns & Aubergine Bhajjis - A simple seafood recipe (use fish instead of prawns) cooked within minutes, giving us time to make the bhajji batter and fry the aubergines, or any vegetable you choose.

Week 4 : Baked lemongrass-Chilli Chicken with Mushroom Risotto - Using knowledge from my 5-day cookery class in Chiang Mai and serving it with a smooth risotto from my 5-day cookery class in Treviso... many year ago

Week 5 : Lamb & Spinach Curry  & Dhall Tadka - Slow braised lamb with spices topped with baby spinach and a simple tadkha which can be used with any vegetable

Week 6 : Classic Chicken Korma with Pillau Rice - Everyone needs to know how to make a proper korma! Using  white poppy seeds and cashewnuts/almond to thicken the curry.  Serve with a simple pillau rice cooked in 10 mins.

South Indian Cooking Day

The South of India is covered wall-to-wall with coconut trees. Every part of the fruit and the tree is used and it is in the daily diet of the region, both in the East and the West of the country.

We will make a simple coconut rice with curry leaves, grated fresh coconut and a few spices. This dish can be eaten on its' own with a simple chutney. However we will make fish molee, which is flavoured with herbs, green chilli and... you guessed it... coconut milk.

North Indian Cooking Day

The North of India is grassland where traditionally livestock was reared, so we get lots of cream, yoghurt, butter and ghee recipes indigenous to that area. We wil be cooking Butter Chicken and a simple naan bread.


Chicken or Veg Korma & Bhajji - Learn to make a 'real' korma.


Mushroom & Spinach & Stuffed Paratha - A delicious vegetarian option and that most wonderful of flat breads... the stuffed paratha.


Chaat & Chutneey - All things chaat. So simple you will wonder where the umami is coming from!


Baked Fish & Bombay Potato - A whole baked fishwith spices served with spiced Bombay Potato.

Black Pepper Day

Black pepper is the most important spice of India and was the original source of heat before chilies came along. We will be cooking a a Black Pepper Beef (or chicken) and a very special Cauliflower with black pepper.

Who doesn't like Chilli Prawns

We will be cooking a delicious chilli prawn dish, accompanied with green beans & ginger, all complemented by mango manna.

It is all about Chaat Masala

We make our own chaat masala ..... channa chaat & ...

snack day... samosa.. etc.

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