Some Interesting Classes that we have run...

Our whole ethos is about providing a friendly service that works for you and we have done some very special classes. A few that come to mind are:

1. A hen weekend with a group of 8 young ladies. Besides cooking a delicious dinner for themselves with a few glasses of wine, they were treated to meals cooked by us, a real Anglo Indian breakfast, a lovely walk through our medieval streets of Faversham and a visit to the local walled town of Canterbury.

2. On retiring, a head teacher decided to give her family with their partners a cookery class in their farm house kitchen, instead of a meal in the pub. It was great fun with 10 people on the class and a lot of family banter. We left them with a couple of bottles of wine and a lovely meal to enjoy in their own time.

 3. A Father’s Day class – a gift from a couple to both their Dads. The Dads cooked the meal with me and then the family came over later for the meal, which we served in our garden as the weather was warm and sunny. A fabulous day was had by all and they only left at about 6 pm!

4. A group of friends celebrated their special birthday year by cooking up a storm with me and inviting their partners to the meal – and to chauffeur them home after a few glasses of wine.


A Few Comments...

The most comments that we receive are from people who do the cookery classes. This is not because people do not appreciate the other things we do, but because learning something and then being able to re-create it in your home for your family is a great joy.

I wish I could show you all the comments but here are just a few...

Just wanted to say what a great time we all had on Sunday, particularly Miles and I under your guidance in your class. For me the experience was beyond my greatest expectations, at your lovely abode, and even better being able to dine al fresco. Steve Harman

Many thanks for the photos.  Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sunday.  Have already made the tandoori chicken and papaya salad. Joelle

Hello just to say how much we enjoyed the food.  Graham has been reliving it in huge detail so is clearly talking his way into having to recreate the same at home.  Oh happy days.  Can you help him in any other way like getting into housework and gardening? If so you have a multi-million pound business at you finger tips.  Thanks to the great wine pourer, Graham now happily asleep. Best wishes to you both. Julia.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday and for making us feel so welcome into your beautiful home. Kenny can't wait to cook at home and if it tastes as good as yesterdays, I'll be more than happy for him to cook everyday!! Please do let me know as we would be very interested in coming along again. Jo & Kenny

I just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful day on Sunday, I enjoyed it more than I could have imagined! The food tasted amazing and thank you for being so thoughtful and leaving the lemon juice out for me too. You are a truly inspirational lady and thank you too to the wine pourer for looking after us so well. Yasmin

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous cookery class on Sunday 16 March.  I had such a great time, learned a lot and both of you were such gracious hosts.  Please keep me up to date with your plans and any new courses that you plan to run. Claire

Thank you very much for the photos. Keith really enjoyed himself (& is experimenting on us on Saturday!!). Sara

Thanks for those photos, a nice little reminder of a really enjoyable day.  I have already recommended your classes to several people and I know I will want to do another one as soon as possible.  I had a lovely day and learned loads, thank you.  The food was delicious and I will be making it for my family often. Jeanette

I think you’ve given me the confidence to loosen up in the kitchen with my Indian cooking and be able to deviate from those strict recipes and just do what feels and tastes right. Certainly had a lot of good pointers from you…

I was making those recipes the other day that we did on the cookery course and was very pleased how they turned out.
I know at the time I gave you a little feedback on the day, but just wanted to say again (even if it's 3 months later!) how helpful and enjoyable it was.
I particularly enjoyed listening to the background you gave about the spices and their uses etc. I think it really helps when you are cooking food that is not familiar, because it helps you understand the recipe rather than follow it to the letter.
From a practical note I found some of your tips very useful.
In particular the idea of preparing lots of garlic and ginger to keep in the fridge; not stirring all the time so it reduces the heat, and it may sounds simple, but putting a lid on while frying off at the beginning. Adding the water as well was helpful to be reminded of.
The meal was lovely and I enjoyed getting to know more about you. Dianne

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