May is the start of our busy season. There are always lots of events in May - please check out our Events calendar and come and see us when we are out and about. It is a lovely time of year with the sun shining and lots of great food around.

Here are some of the special gifts of May:


This vegetable has such a short season that I eat it at least 3 times a week. It cooks in minutes so no excuses. Just place a little olive oil in a pan, chop some garlic and add it along with the asparagus. Fry for a couple of minutes and enjoy the asparagus with with a fried or poached egg for a delicious lunch or supper.
But I recently made a lovely Asparagus and Prawn dish, which I am going to simplify and share.


200 gms Uncooked Prawns
6 Asparagus spears
1 Onion
4 cloves Garlic
200 gms Chopped tinned or fresh tomatoes
1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric
1 level Teaspoon Chilli Powder
2 Tablespoons Oil
Salt to taste

Heat the oil and add sliced onion and garlic.
Add turmeric, chilli and tomato with a little salt to the onion-garlic mix.
Fry well for about 10 minutes, adding a little water to keep the spices from drying out and burning.
Break off the woody part of the asparagus and cut into 1" pieces.
Add the asparagus and cook for about 2 minutes.
Add the prawns. Allow them to cook for about 2 minutes in the mixture and then turn them over and cook thoroughly.
If you hav any wild garlic mix it in and turn off the heat.
Serve with rice.


April is really the month for lamb, but April has so much to offer and lamb is good in May as well. This meat is so lovely and tender and must be enjoyed early in the season.
You can cook it very simply, just some grilled lamb chops served with a salad.
Alternatively, cook you lamb in the Wild Garlic butter you made in April and serve them with lovely new potatoes, which are also in season.

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